Youth Development

Our youth development programming covers the development of tennis skills in context with playing the game of tennis from the outset.  Geared for children ages 11- 17, programs are available with an emphasis on team participation as well as a pathway for competitive excellence. As with all of our programs, emphasis on the development of the athlete, tennis player and person will be noted. 


Campus Youth

Middle School (Ages 11 – 13)     
High School (ages 14+)

For players of middle and high school age who are beginner through intermediate levels.  Players will develop the fundamentals of the game through a rally and game-based curriculum.  The focus will be on stroke mechanics, footwork, and the athletic skills needed to play the sport.  Players will learn how to keep score, sustain a rally and learn to play quickly.  Participation is recommended at least two days a week.
Fall 1 (8/19-10/20)

Campus Youth Plus

Middle School (Ages 11 – 13)     
High School (ages 14+)

This program is for players who are interested in playing for their middle or high school team and for those who play Junior Team Tennis and L9, L8, and L7 USTA tournaments.  Players will focus on developing more sophisticated shot selection and tactics and strategies, as they continue to learn with a rally and game-based curriculum.  Players will refine their footwork and athletic skills needed to play at a competitive level.  Participation is recommended at least two days a week.  
Fall 1 (8/19-10/20)

Game Day for Youth Development 

Game Day is a fun event where players will play a variety of fun games all while having great practice and training with point play. Game Day is designed for players currently enrolled in Campus Youth, Campus Youth Plus, and Green High Performance

Game Day Fridays - weekly 5:00pm-7:00pm     BEGINS AUGUST 23 - CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

Match Play 

Players will compete in competitive matches with opponents of similar age and ability with particular focus on strategy and tactics during play. Coaches will provide consistent feedback during play to all participants regarding their patterns of play, competitive skills and style of play. 

Match Play Fridays - weekly 5:00pm-7:00pm      BEGINS AUGUST 23 - CLICK HERE TO REGISTER
These practice matches will complement the daily training program and are available to players who participate in Campus Youth Plus, High Performance, High Performance Green, or High Performance Team programs at the USTA National Campus. 

Registration for Match Play opens 1 week prior and Registration closes 24 hours prior to the class date. 

Match play is also available for players from other nearby facilities by arrangement and must communicate with a Head Professional/Coach prior to enrollment by e-mail at

For additional information please contact us at or call 407-675-2504.