High Performance (Ages 10 and up)

The High Performance training program will focus on a long-term development plan which requires passion, discipline, and patience from players, coaches and parents. Practices will feature appropriate playing progressions and proper technique to help players achieve their personal performance and outcome goals. Our goal is to help players become independent competitors and problem solvers during match play. This program is designed for players who compete in state and sectional USTA tournaments and will train with others who are similar in age and ability. Participation is mandatory at least 2 days per week. Athletic Development with our professional fitness trainer is included on Tuesday and Thursday evening for 30 minutes from 7:15pm-7:45pm.

High Performance Green (Ages 7-11)

Green Ball on a 78 ft. Green Court. Players are required to have achieved the green ball level on the USTA Florida Youth Progression. The focus will be on singles and doubles play, while building upon the strategies and tactics needed to play the game at a competitive level. Players will experiment with different styles of play and work towards developing a weapon in match play situations. Participation is recommended at least 2 days a week.